Frontend Technologies

For the user interface XPages focus on the web development standards HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This allows projecting XPages applications to web clients and mobile devices and leveraging the same development skills.



For the layout XPages focus on the web development standards HTML and CSS. Additionally themes can be used as an easier way to manage multiple CSSs. XPages comes with default themes, for example the OneUI theme.



For client side logic various JavaScript frameworks can be used. However XPages comes with the Dojo Toolkit and Dojo controls can be easily referenced in XPages applications. XPages also uses Dojo internally for certain functionality to make key features easier to use without having to write Dojo code. A special XPages JavaScript library contains further convenience functionality, for example for client side field validations.


UI Controls

In addition to client side logic Dojo can also be used for rich user interface widgets and charts.


Access to Backend Services

As any web application XPages applications can use REST services. XPages also provides easy mechanisms to bind data sources to UI controls so that for many scenarios no code needs to be written. Additionally XPages allows to declaratively only refresh parts of the page via Ajax when submitting data.